Vision-Mission Statement


The Philippine Community is a Catholic community under the English-speaking Mission of the Archdiocese of Berlin. The integral members are the families, our German friends and the different religious and civic organizations.

We strive to live a truly Christian life inspired by the Holy Triune God and to share the richness of our Filipino culture & traditions to others.


  • We endeavor to form a community founded on the Gospel values of unity, hospitality, solidarity and engagement to all. We participate actively in our weekly celebration of the Holy Mass and provide Lay Ministry services with a variety of ways of living and sharing the faith in our daily struggles and joys.
  • We keep alive the Spirit of our rich Filipino culture and practices and share them especially to our German friends, children and peoples of other nations. We therefore promote the celebration of several intercultural events such as Sto. Nino Feast (Sinulog), Holy Week activities, Flores de Mayo, Santacruzan, Palaro, the Philippine Week, Christmas events, etc.
  • We acknowledge the sad reality of poverty, injustice and social sins in the Philippine society. We therefore extend our help and support to those who are in dire need through our charitable projects and efforts to help them improve their lifestyle. Aside from material aid, we emphasize the empowerment of our countrymen and women to help themselves in leading a promising life.
  • We recognize the presence of many people in Berlin who are in search for meaning in life, people of other culture and religion, those who are not even baptized and those who have no religious affiliation. We therefore open our community to them and show openness in dialogue and mutual exchange of views with them.
  • We appreciate the acceptance of the Germans to us, Filipinos, individually and as a community. We express our deep gratitude especially to the Society of the Divine Word and to the Parish of the Holy Spirit who have been generous to our Pastoral Ministry. We therefore show our openness to the German culture and integrate ourselves into the German society through the study of their culture, language and history.


We hope that our Vision-Mission Statement may inspire and guide each and every one of us toward the realization of our Christian calling.
On the occasion of our 20th Anniversary, we entrust our services and efforts to the Divine Providence, through the intercession of our Blessed Mother.

The Philippine Community Berlin, November 2005

Text: Fr. Adonis Narcelles, SVD (1971-2011)