About Us


The popularity of the “Filipinos-in-Berlin” website among readers can be attributed to its unique character. It is the only website that offers inside news and local information about Filipinos, especially about the members of the Philippine Community Berlin, in the heart of Berlin. Its local contents, made available to the global readers, help build a sense of community that extends beyond space and time.

Community is not anymore limited to groups of people of similar interests within the same locale. Community, defined in our mission, is about connecting people through multicultural gatherings or events and the laity’s role and life, interacting with each other beyond physical and gigabytes barriers.

To promote further this new definition of community, we introduce constant innovations and dynamic updates to reach out our interested readers and sponsors. With the bulk of electronic data available on our website, we see it fit to demarcate our contents not only on geographical terms but also through distinctions between what are facts or merely opinions.

The “Filipinos-in-Berlin” website is eventually about people. It contains sections representing various interests: reflection, people, migration, e-newsletter, sports, pilgrimage, travels, music, talent, and even video. It encourages inter-activities not limited to the posting of reactions of our articles. This homepage is simply about putting virtual communities and individuals elsewhere closer.

Text: Alan Valdez
Editor, The Migrant Newsletter (2002-2018)
Webmaster, filipinos-in-berlin.de (2006-2018)

Edited (April 2019)