2018 | June


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Cover Story: Luksong Tinik sa Berlin | Text: Fr. Jun de Ocampo
Ministranten-Friends of God: Text: Maica Magtiba & Regine Wegmeier
Kids try gadget-free games | Text: Fr. Jun de Ocampo
Scammed by the Online Lover | Text: Salve Vietz | Illustrations: Vincent Valiente
Series of Events Mark Philippine Independence Day | Text & Photos: The Philippine Embassy
The Word in Other Words: JC Attacked by Trolls | Text: Fr. Jun de Ocampo
A Hundred Years of Fatima | Text: Toss Libunao
Fatima-A Family Experience | Text & Photos: Rey Agana
What is the Liturgical Bible Study? | Text: Dimples Didner
Mahal na Araw sa Berlin | Text: Oyie Cobres | Photos: Jeciel Pajo
Sinulog sa Berlin | Text: Rose Glass | Photos: Rey de Paz
Palarong Pinoy sa Berlin | Text & Photos: Rey de Paz
Catholic Charismatic Groups:
Shalom Catholic Charismatic Community Berlin
Couples For Christ – Foundation for Family & Life
The Loved Flock
Couples For Christ
Ambassador Sta. Maria Thomeczek Concludes 27 Years of Dedicated Service as a Filipino Diplomat | Text & Photos: The Philippine Embassy
Paskong Pinoy sa Berlin | Text: Gloria Lange
Berlinoys – Pinoys in Berlin | Text: Jenny Hankammer | Images: Kay Abaño
The Philippine Studies Series: Beginnings and Future | Text & Photos: Rosa Castillo
Prayers and Praise 2017: Believe (A Benefit Concert) | Text: Vincent Valiente


MA Transworld GmbH
Ben’s Balikbayan Box Service
Kangen Water
RP-Photography Berlin
Dr. Melanie Kunze Zahnarztpraxis
Salve Vietz (Nahkauf)
Rita Schnick
Veronica Bönsch
Pacita Heinrich
Elena Kuhlmann
Ofelia Kusig
Lourdes Müller
Rufina Ras Mürdter
Alegria Rettig
Tina Royl
Mila Schade
Marie Wegmeier

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