Philippine Embassy
The Embassy of the Philippines in Berlin

(Note: “e.V.” or “eingetragene Verein” means “registered association”)

Club Bol-anon e.V. Berlin
An organization of Filipinos from Bohol who live in Berlin, the club holds fund-raising events to help an orphanage in Bohol.

TALENTO is a group which aims to showcase the works and talents of Filipino artists and hobbyists living in Germany, mostly in Berlin.

UPAA Germany e.V.
The University of the Philippines Alumni Association (UPAA) Germany e.V. is a non-profit organization consisting of UP alumni residing in Germany, most of whom are living in Berlin.


MA Transworld
Based in Hamburg, MA Transworld Money Transfer also has a branch in Berlin.

Ria Money Transfer
One of the largest money transfer services in the world, Ria has several branches in Berlin.


Philippine Studies Series Berlin
Formed in December 2014, the Philippine Studies Series Berlin is a platform for lectures, discussions, and art and film events regarding the Philippines, Filipina/o/x, and the diaspora. It is now part of Humboldt University Berlin.

Orientation Booklet for Filipinos in Germany
This orientation booklet for Filipino migrants and newcomers to Germany contains practical tips and information, such as residence permit, filling-up bank SEPA forms, basic German words, etc.

Ban Ying e.V.
A specialised counseling center which works to combat human trafficking, Ban Ying helps Filipinas in Berlin who are experiencing crisis.