Newsletter of the Berlin Phil. Community, June 2004 Issue



      Fun fitness anybody? Try playing basketball to trim down those extra weights. Sport was an occasional feature years ago in the Berlin Philippine Community. On big feasts, like the Independence Day, even players from outside Berlin used to play with the local teams particularly in volleyball.
      Later on, a group of young people from the community grouped themselves together for a weekly basketball game at Siemens Sport Gym, Rohrdamm, for a regular physical exercise and recreation. It was just confined to a small circle of young friends inspired by Consul Manny Comia and Willy Achas of the Philippine Embassy.
      Now sports have been revived as a regular feature of the Philippine Community particularly through the initiative of a group that came from Bonn. (See photo!) Last year a very formal Basketball Tournament participated in by five teams
    was organized by them. At the opening ceremonies Fr. Erasio Flores and Consul Tito Ausan were even invited to do the invocation and the inspirational talk, respectively. The group morale and sportly spirit was high. The teams proudly stood there in colorful uniforms as the Philippine National Anthem was sung. The inauguration started promptly in spite of the cold early morning of autumn last year, and the game-schedules were promptly and reverently observed every Sunday morning all through the cold months until the final games were completed towards the end of winter this year. Again the awarding ceremonies were properly planned and carried out. Kudus to the organizers, especially to Tos Libunau, Ted Malaca and Rey de Paz.
      Now sports have become a regular feature in our community activities. At
    outings, games for adults as well as for children, make our community Ausflug truly enjoyable and relaxing for the young and old. This feature will be maintained through the initative of community and their sports-minded leaders who want to make our community life well-rounded and wholesome according to the old Latin saying: "Mens sana in corpore sano" meaning "A healthy mind in a healthy body.”
      This year’s All-Filipino Basketball Tournament was held in Bonn, Germany, 3-4 April. Participated in by 17 teams from the different Philippine Communities throughout Germany, the Berlin team, sponsored by GG Meeting Point, brought home the 4th runner-up trophy. The team, composed of seven seasoned players, was coached and trained by Dodong Jaralve.
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