INVITATION: eine Harfereise
Bayernallee 28, 14052 Berlin
22. JUli 2018, 15:30 Uhr

    The Chinese in the Philippines: History, Identity and Culture
    JULY 9 (MONDAY) I 18:00-20:00
    ROOM 117, INVALIDENSTR. 118, 10115 BERLIN
    Questions? Please contact: rosacordillera@gmail.com
    or visit: https://www.facebook.com/PhilippineStudiesSeriesBerlin

    Richard T. Chu (A.B. Ateneo de Manila University; M.A. Stanford University; Ph.D. University of Southern California) is Five-College Associate Professor of History at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. He has published various articles focusing on the history of the Chinese and Chinese mestizos in the Philippines and centering on issues of ethnicity, gender, and nationalism. He is the author of Chinese and Chinese Mestizos of Manila: Family, Identity, and Culture 1860s–1930s (E.J. Brill, 2010; Anvil 2012) and Chinese Merchants of Binondo during the Late Nineteenth Century (University of Santo Tomas Press, 2010). He is also editor of More Tsinoy Than We Admit (Vibal Publishing, 2015). Currently, he is working on his next book project, tentatively entitled “Building A Nation, Effacing a Race: The Construction of ‘Chinese’ and ‘Filipino’” that analyses the different newspaper articles and other textual materials dealing with the “Chinaman” question in the Philippines during the American colonial period. He teaches courses on the Chinese diaspora, Philippines, U.S. empire in the Pacific, and Asian/Pacific/America.

SEE YOU THERE!!! June 16, 2018 Bayernallee . BAHAY KUBO FASHION SHOW. See video presentation


Reopened on 24 May 2015, the new look of Bahay Kubo makes one feel private in his/her own small room. One feels simply relaxing, being exclusive, having a conducive moment of contemplation with our Creator or a one-to-one counseling with our community chaplain.   Bahay Kubo

 Pinoys in Germany love Cardinal Chito Tagle  Cardinal Tagle recalls falling asleep in class.

 Cardinal Tagle can also be humourous. Bayernallee  Cardinal Tagle had goose pimples when the doors of the cathedral of Milan were opened.

 One way of expressing the mercy of God is compassion. Cardinal Tagle  The second element of God's mercy is fidelity. Cardinal Tagle

Servant leader or a self-serving leader.   52 participants, mostly from the different social and religious groups in Berlin and three from Hamburg, attended Part 2 Leadership Seminar in PHILCOM Berlin on 25 May 2015 conducted by Fr. Manny Cruz.   be inspired