Online Newsletter Nr. 206
Philippine Community


Dear Readers and Sponsors,

   The Ministranten kids are important members of the community, and in our cover story, their annual workshop featuring traditional games has inspired our chaplain, Fr. Jun, to compare the game Luksong Tinik (lit. jumping over thorns) to the challenges of being migrants . This is complemented by a collection of photo s of the kids enjoying traditional games, all without the help of electronic gadgets. Meanwhile, Salve Vietz warns us with an article about one of the hurdles some Filipina migrants are experiencing: being tricked by online scammers. This issue is packed with photographs featuring not only the community‘s yearly events, but also special news, such as the hundred years of the apparition of Our Lady of Fatima. Find out more of the Catholic Charismatic groups as they introduce themselves. The Migrant also features Filipino migrants beyond the church community in Bayernallee, such as the Berlinoys, as Jenny Hankammer calls them. Know more about the latest press releases of the Embassy of the Philippines Berlin, which includes the farewell to former ambassador Sta .Maria-Thomczek and the celebration of the 120th Philippine Independence Day.