Online Newsletter Nr. 205
Philippine Community


a showcase of biblical characters and marian titles

   The biggest ever participation of parents, children, religious and civic groups formed this year's Santacruzan marking Its 30th anniversary on May 28. Patterned after the original Philippine set-up, it is a showcase of both biblical characters and marian titles. Santacruzan is more than just a yearly religious historical pageant held in Berlin. It brings back the sincerity, simplicity and solemnity of Flores de Mayo.

It is about thanksgiving;
giving value, respect and importance
to the Filipinos' culture and tradition.
   In Fr. Rex's homily on June 2, 2013 in Bayernallee, he explains Sagala is a symbol of the strong Catholic faith of the Filipino people celebrating in the month of May across the Philippine Archipelago Flores de Mayo followed on the last day by the Santacruzan pageant.

   Reyna Elena is the legendary foundress of the Holy Cross which has become a traditional yearly re-enactment of her pilgrimage to Jerusalem or Sagala. She is the mother of Constantine, a powerful Roman Emperor, who became the first Christian emperor in history who ended the persecution of Christians.

(left) Reina de la Mora represents the Muslim religion mainly dominant in the island of Mindanao before Christianity was introduced.

(right) The Aetas, representing the state of the Filipino natives, are the pagan tribes found in the mountains of Luzon. Matusalém, bent with age and preoccupied with toasting grains of sand in a pan over a fire, is the reminder that the world is transient and will end up like the dust which he is toasting. more fotos