Online Newsletter Nr. 203
Philippine Community


Dear Readers and Sponsors,

   The cover photo is our plague of appreciation to all community organizers, religious and civic groups, parents, and children who put a lot of work and effort to make SANTACRUZAN 2017 the biggest ever event participation since 30 years. Do you know that the first Cebu Sinulog happened in 1980?

   While the LGBTs in Germany are rejoicing after the Bundestag recently approved the status of their civil rights, LGBTs in the Philippines are still marching down the streets in protest against Congress' slow pace. HRW Report

   According to a friend, some Apps in iPhone don't work well in Android. Despite their advanced technology, smart phones still have their Apps and Downs. Like the smart phone, President Duterte’s populism has its UPs and DOWNs. It is not only the Philippine Community in Bayernallee that is divided on Dutertism but also Filipino communities worldwide. What Duterte has done is nationalized “the Davao way of doing politics” in a subtle and more personalized patronage system. Sociologist Nicole Curato of the University of Canberra argued that populist Duterte's "dystopian narrative" shifted the discussion during the campaign. It muted those of his opponents for personal dignity. For Curato, Duterte's political style makes use of a "language of crisis" drawn from the public's fear of the real and imagined "other," in this case, drug users. I hope that the growing opposition now would focus more not against a populist leader but on addressing a populist public clamoring for social justice.

   Since February 2017, Irene Brady started her nursing care training at the Uniklinik Tübingen through the Triple-Win-Program. However, looking at the differences in culture, language, and social security system between Germany and the Philippines, will it function?

   GOD LOVES SEX! Confused? Don‘t be. The writer merely wants you to defuse your mindset after reading “The Word in other Words.“ be inspired
Alan Valdez
Project Director)