Online Newsletter Nr. 201
Philippine Community
(left front) Veron Bönsch, President of the Pastoral Team, leading the stretching and warm-up exercise.

Palaro 2016

    Palaro 2016 is one of the many Philippine Community festivities held every year in Berlin. “Palaro“, Filipino word for games, is a day of fitness and competition. But for the Filipino creativity, Palaro is more than just games. Tailored to fit a diverse community, the young and old, anyone could join the kind of sports one prefers. Whether one is merely watching or participating in volleyball, basketball, football, sack-race, tugof- war, "basagan ng palayok" (hit-the-pot) or any of the parlor games, everybody is having fun, laughter and a full stomach at the end of the day.

    The event, organized by the Pastoral Team headed by Fr. Jun de Ocampo, could not have been successful without the cooperation of the different community groups that brought different foods for the potluck and donated the prizes for the games.

    Amidst the well attended gathering, Fr. Jun blessed and officiated the Palaro opening. Like at the Olympics, a symbolic torch was carried around the field by the young participants.
    Veron Bönsch, coordinator of the Pastoral Team, first started the stretching excercises accompanied by pop music to syncronize the movements of the body.

    The volleyball became the highlight of the day. The exciting competition was stretched to the limit in five sets between the Beckies and the Philippine Embassy staff, with the latter winning the finals.

    The Palaro is not only intended for the Filipinos in Bayernallee, but is inclusive of Filipinos in Berlin and their families and friends, according to Fr. Jun's guidelines.

    The organizers thank all those who participated and contributed in this year's Palaro. A special mention goes to Juven Catbagan of the Philippine Embassy for his huge support. Congratulations to all the winners and “maraming salamat po“ to all the teams, players, coaches, and cheerleaders who gave their best. Mabuhay!

    Toss Libunao