Online Newsletter Nr. 142
Philippine Community

    From the Editor:

    JANUARY-JUNE 2013"

    Dear Readers and Sponsors,


    is our friendly way of inviting everyone to come to the Philippine Community. To participate in the Sinulog feast, Carnival (Fasching), Semana Santa, Mothers’ Day, Santacruzan, Birth Anniversary or simply attend the holy mass every Sunday and after join the hazzle and buzzle in the Pfarrsaal. The Pinoy-Berliners have unkowningly adapted and coined Bayernallee to mean the Philippine Community in Bayernalle 28 in Berlin as the establishment of their christian value and strong identity.

       Per sé, the community is not limited only in Bayernallee but reaches out far into the conclaves of the Vatican through their prayers and hopes that the cardinals would vote for the right Pope. Then, the euphoria! Pope Francis, the first from the Society of Jesus, is the new successor of the Papacy vacated by Pope Benedict XIV. Very interesting to read is the article on the new Pope, born Jorge Mario Bergoglio, written by Fr. Simon Boiser, SVD revealing the conviction of a truly Catholic leader.

       Has anyone wondered what these terms “Pilipino, Filipino and Tagalog” have in common? Check out the article of Dr. Rey Agana on page 12.

       “Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?” Search for your photo from page one to twenty-one.

       And here’s a cool tip from Micha Brandeis for the kids in the block aspiring to study at the university: "Ohne Fleiß, kein Preis!”

       Vice-President Jejomar Binay visits Berlin on 04. June 2013 and talks about the latest bilateral agreement between the Philippines and Germany. When asked after the FILCOM dialogue about how he is able to relax away from his heavy engagements like the Italians would say, ‘Il dolce far niente,’ ...Binay responded calmly, “I try just to find time!”

    Alan Valdez