Online Newsletter Nr. 126
Philippine Community

    The Editorial Staff: (top to bottom) Alan Valdez, Cris Dizon, Emma Aboyo-Krecji, Luz Pallas and Nitz Densing-Töpler)


    Dear Readers and Sponsors,

       Welcome to "the Migrant" aggiornamento! Since 1986 the Philippine Gazette, which later became the Migrant, was started by Fr. Hermogenes Bacareza SVD and Mary Gay Dolorfino as the community newsletter. From two pages, it increased to several pages and became a regular journal of community life.

       Fr. Erasio Flores SVD and I took over its publication in 1998. We ventured to publish 100 copies quarterly and expanded the number of pages to 20 at low-budget costs. We printed six colored pages with our first canon printer and the rest in B/W photo copies.

       When Fr. Flores left in 2004, Fr.Adonis Narcilles SVD and I continued the task and introduced it in internet under the name “Berlinews.” A year later, in lieu of the Migrant newsletter, we concentrated our efforts in the publication of the souvenir program, 20th Jubilee Philippine Community Berlin. With Fr. Simon Boiser SVD now as our adviser, the Migrant is revived bringing up to date chronicle events of the Philippine community in Berlin. Its local contents, made available to the readers, help build a sense of community that extends beyond space and time - the Prague Pilgrimage, Steyl recollection visit and the Marienwallfahrt in Stiepeler Dorfkirche.

       The Philippine’s rich culture come to life in celebration of the Sinulog Fiesta in January, the Manaog Adoration in April and the 114th Philippine Independence Day in June. To promote our definition of community, we reach out to our valued readers and sponsors through the publication of the Migrant newsletter and the event updates in our website, www.filipinos-in-berlin.de. We see it fit to demarcate our contents not only on geographical terms but also through distinctions between what are facts or merely opinions. Thus, putting communities and individuals elsewhere closer.

       Our Design Philosophy: a contrast between provocation and trust; a blend of German-Filipino culture.

    Editor - Alan Valdez