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One Shining Christmas
in Berlin

Philippine Christmas is apparently one of the longest and happiest celebrations worldwide. For a Filipino, it is the best time of the year. Families gather together, gifts are shared and parties are celebrated everywhere.

The children of the world are the angels of the Lord as we celebrate Pasko Sa Nayon!
       This happens not only in the Philippines, but also abroad, like in Berlin. “Pasko sa Nayon” is the theme of the Philippine Community’s extravagant party on December 15 – the biggest Pinoy party of the year in this German capital city. About 350 guests enjoyed the party where everything was almost perfect – delicious food, super music, nice ambiance and friendly atmosphere.

       The celebration started with the first Simbang Gabi at 5pm. Four different choirs of the community sang alternately during the Mass presided by the guest Priest from the Philippines, Fr. Bong Garay SVD together with the Indian Priest, Fr. Vijay Kumar Tirkey SVD and Chaplain Fr. Adonis Narcelles SVD. After the Mass, the guests had a first acquaintance with the dance floor. Then followed the festive Buffet which apart from the colorful salat buffet, included two varieties of soup, three main recipes and two kinds of dessert. The cultural program added the lively Pinoy touch in ten various song and dance presentations from eight groups. The highlight was the coming of Sta. Claus and the awarding of the four “Best Angels”.

       Then Filipinos, Germans and guests from Europe and Asia, enjoyed the uninterrupted disco music, before the winners of the Parol Contest were awarded by Consul Julius Caesar Flores of the Philippine Embassy in Berlin and the
    announcement of the winners of 90 valuable consolation prizes of the Raffle Draw. Simultaneously, a buffet of Filipino Food was served to the guests who savored every moment of this big family reunion. Ms. Anita Brandske flies to the Philippines for the first time next year after having won the first prize of the Raffle Draw, namely a round-trip to the Philippines sponsored by the Kirschner Reisen GmbH. The Chaplain thanked all those who made this Christmas Party successful and meaningful, he thanked especially Western Union through their representatives, Jovie Hitzmann and company, as the main sponsor and the many donors of prizes, including all volunteers.

       The Christmas Party paved the way for the formal introduction of the charitable project of the Philippine Community in Berlin, namely the establishment of the foundation called, “A Better World Foundation” which this party supports. Again, the Philippine Christmas Party 2007 was not only an event of breath-taking fun and happy memories but also an occasion to show concern for the many sad people, especially in the Philippines who could not celebrate because they are poor, this noble gesture of solidarity made “Pasko sa Nayon” one shining moment to be proud of…

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