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Two Bishops Share One Mission

“We are here to raise consciousness on the mission of the Church,” thus said Archbishop Orlando Quevedo, OMI during the Holy Mass which he and Bishop Wenceslao Padilla, CICM celebrated with the Philippine Community during their “mission visit” on October 9, 2007.

The Philippine Community in Berlin was honored by the visit of Bishop Padilla (left) and Archbishop Quevedo (right) on the occasion of the World Mission Sunday.
       “I am here to inspire the German church on what we are doing in our Diocese,” stressed Bishop Padilla who is the Bishop and Apostolic Prefect of Mongolia. He hails from La Union but has been working in Mongolia for the past 15 years. “When I arrived there, there were no Christians, no Churches,” he narrated. “But after 15 years, there were 415 baptized Catholics and 4 Parishes with 4 Sub-parishes,” Bishop Padilla added. He, like Archbishop Quevedo were invited by the Missio, a German-funding agency which has been helping Churches in developing countries, like the Philippines and Mongolia. On the occasion of the World Mission Sunday in Germany, Missio hopes to focus the attention of the people on the church in Mongolia whose Bishop is a Filipino.

       Archbishop Quevedo is the first Filipino Archbishop of Cotabato and likewise the General Secretary of the Federation of Asian Bishops Conference. He comes in a Diocese with predominant Muslim population. He has worked hand in hand with Muslim scholar to foster inter-religious dialogue. “Peace in Mindanao is possible” believes Archishop Quevedo who, like Bishop Padilla, has been going to different cities in Germany to inform the people what is being done by the European church in solidarity with developing countries.

    (by Fr. Adonis Narcelles Jr. SVD)

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