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Germans, Filipinos
Dance Together

Dance is a fitting symbol and model for cultural integration. Like dancing, people from different cultures should be sensitive to each other’s rhythm and tempo. Integration is a long process of learning from each other.

usedom beach
more fotos The beach of Usedom reminded the Filipinos of their “Heimat,” or home country.
       Filipinos and Germans in Berlin have not only danced together, they also learned from each other during their four-day encounter, March 8-10 at the Northern German island of Usedom.

       The Filipinos joined the group of Germans who are taking care of old people in Berlin. The Archdiocese of Berlin organized this regular meeting through the leadership of Mr. Peter Matz. They stayed at the Diocesan center for families at Zinnowitz, Usedom. The participants stayed together and shared common meals and programs. The 20 Filipinos and 30 Germans enjoyed each other’s presence and enriched each other through various songs and dances. The Filipinos belonging to the Couples for Christ shared the Filipinos culture during the Holy Mass with Filipino elements and during the evening programs.
       “We are so enriched by this experience,” said one German lady after the cultural program with Tagalog songs, Film on the Philippines, dances and open forum. “Why did the Filipinos go to Berlin?” and “How do the Filipinos express their faith?” are some of the questions posed by the Germans to the Pinoy group. With such a positive response from both sides, the Community in Berlin is planning to offer such “Intercultural Encounters” for people coming from different countries to better know each other and respect each other’s diversity.

       The little fruit of the integration and cultural encounter in Usedom was felt, when the Germans greeted the Filipinos early in the morning: “Magandang Umaga!”

    (by Fr. Adonis Narcelles Jr. SVD)

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