BERLINews  Online News Service of the Philippine Community in Berlin - Nr. 20

Some members of the Philippine Community in Berlin attended the Film screening at the end of the Workshop in connection with Berlin's Film Festival on Nov. 22, 2005.
Media Festival features Philippines
Chaplain shows Film on Street Children

by: Fr. Adonis Narcelles SVD
      "One World Berlin" is a yearly Media Festival focusing on the theme of Human Rights. Through film-showing, concerts, discussions, workshops and other events, the organizers hope to bring the issue of Human Rights closer to the audience. Around 50 short and documentary films from more than 30 countries were shown in various cinemas in Berlin from November 16 to 23, 2005. Films from and about the Philippines were also screened.

      "The world is more than icons" is the theme of this year's Festival which traces the connection between Human Rights, Media and Arts. The Philippines is represented through the Film "Bunso, The Youngest".

      It is a documentary film on child prisoners in the Philippines and has been shown in different Film Festival, like in Amsterdam, Canada, Germany and Prag in Czech Republic. This movie of Ditsi Carolino has also won Film Awards this year in Prag and in Nürmberg (Germany) Film Festivals. In Berlin, "Bunso" was shown twice. After the first film screening, Dr. Jörg Maywald of the German League for Child in the Family and Society, discussed the issue on the Rights of Children.

      The second documentary film featured the efforts of Joey Lozano in Mindanao to show the atrocities he and other minorities, who have been fighting for their land, brutally experienced. It shows how the power of Media, specifically the use of Handy Camera, was able to capture the uncertainty and fear in the daily lives of the people. Mr. Lozano trained several persons how to use the camera and has been used by people in various areas of Mindanao to document their struggle for justice and equality.
       The Director, Mr. Peter Wintonick of the Necessary Illusions Productions, stressed the importance of Media Activism to promote social change and advance the cause of the poor and the oppressed. The screening of "Seeing is believing" was emotional for him due to the death of Joey Lozano in the Philippines several weeks ago.

      A part of the Festival was a Workshop where a group of interested Film-makers participated and on November 22, after the five-day workshop, showed the short film they made on Privatization.

       The Chaplain of the Philippine Community, Fr. Adonis Narcelles also showed his Short Film, "Haus ohne Jungs" (House without Boys), on the life and visions of the street children in Berlin. The 13-minute Documentary presents interviews with street children and how this experience has influenced their life. Between the interviews were scenes of children and youth on the streets and in various places. The life of youth was alive in the film by showing scenes in shopping center, in disco, sleeping on the train, drinking beer with friends, etc. Fr. Narcelles would like to use this film to make people aware that there are around 20,000 children who have considered the streets their home and in order to make the parents aware of the responsibilities to their children.

      "One World Berlin" showed once again different faces of Human Rights violation, in the Philippines, in Germany and in many countries. This Festival presents how Media can open the eyes of people and make them respond to the continuous challenge of a world more just, more charitable, more concerned and more united.

    (by Fr. Adonis Narcelles Jr. SVD)