BERLINews  Online News Service of the Philippine Community in Berlin - Nr. 19

“Der, die, das” for Mrs. Stiebler and her students, the German language course means going back to the ABC’s.
“Language is the key to integration.”
Philippine Community offers German course

by: Fr. Adonis Narcelles SVD
      Berlin. “It is important that we learn the Geman language because it is the key to integration.” Mrs. Stiebler encouraged her new “pupils” as they start with their German lnguage course. She has taught History and German in the school for more than 30 years. But being in pension does not prevent her from using her time productively, this time teaching again for a different group: the Filipinos in Berlin.

       The first lesson started last November 6. Around 20 students enrolled in this weekly class conducted on Sundays after the Holy Mass of the Philippine Community. The course started as the Chaplain, Fr. Adonis Narcelles SVD asked the German Community of the Holy Spirit Parish, if anyone is willing to teach German to the Filipinos.
      Then Mrs. Stiebler expressed her desire and interest to be of help in this matter on a voluntary basis. This German course also hopes to foster the contact between the Filipino and the German communities, all under the supervision of the Society of the Divine Word (SVD).

       “This is our concrete response to the call of Integration,” said Fr. Narcelles. The turbulence in Paris presents a challenge not only to the government but also to the Church communities to refocus on the theme of Integration in their own local situations. Learning German is just a little step to achieve this, but doing it we can start opening many doors leading to understanding, dialog and peace.

    (by Fr. Adonis Narcelles Jr. SVD)